Information about Membership:

Following membership categories are available in "Society of South Asian Archaeology" for individuals/institutional bodies that are interested or concerned in the cultural heritage, archaeology and history of South Asia. An existing member of the Life Membership Category must recommend all new members.




Details of Fee Structure

Category of Members Admission Fee Annual Subscription Donor
(All Nationalities)
Donor (All Nationalities):    
Institution/Individual Rs.100,000 Not Applicable
Government Agency Rs.5,000,000 Not Applicable
Institutional (Life):    
South Asia Rs.10,000 Not Applicable
International $1000(USD) Not Applicable
Institutional (Annual):    
South Asia Rs.3000 Rs.1000
International* $300(USD) $150(USD)
Life :    
South Asia Rs.2000 Not Applicable
International* $300(USD) Not Applicable
Ordinary (Annual):    
South Asia Rs.500 Rs.200
International* $100(USD) $50(USD)
Category of Members Admission Fee Annual Subscription
Donor (All Nationalities):    
South Asian Institution/Individual Rs. 1,00,000 Not Applicable
International Institution/Individual USD 5000  
South Asian Government Agency Rs. 5,00,000 Not Applicable
International Government Agency USD 20000  
Institutional (Life):    
South Asia Rs. 10,000 Not Applicable
International USD 1000 Not Applicable
Individual (Life):    
South Asia Rs. 5000 Not Applicable
International USD 500 Not Applicable
*At this stage, we do not have the provision for online money transfers for foreign nationals and hence they can pay the membership fees at the venue of the conference in equivalent Indian rupees.

General Information